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Cooktop / Oven Tips

Cooktop / Oven

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Cooktop / Oven. Here are some simple things to try before scheduling for a technician to come out. Hopefully it's an easy fix and we can save you a few bucks!


Common Cooktop / Oven Issues: 

  • The buttons work, but nothing else

  • Control board doesn't light up

  • Buttons on control board don't respond

Often resolving these issues are as simple as resetting your control board.  This is an easy process.  You can accomplis by resetting your oven/cooktop's breaker. 
Here's how:  

1) Turning off the oven / cooktop breaker. 
  note: Your breaker box is typically located in your garage. 

2) After 30 seconds, turn your breaker back on. 

3) This has reset your control board. 


If you are still experiencing the same issues you will need to contact us for an appointment. 



Gas Leaks

If you are experiencing a gas leak, this is serious & you need to act fast!  Here is how you shut off your gas to your appliance. 


1) Locate the gas valve 
 - typically behind the stove or inside a nearby cabinet. 

2) turn the gas valve to the 'off position' (see picture to the right) 

 - To turn off, the valve handle should be perpendicular (right angle) to the inlet and outlet ends of the valve body.


If gas is still smelled once gas has been shut off and the area ventilated, immediately call your local emergency gas leak phone number. 

Emergency Gas Shut Off Contact Info: 
Atmos 866-322-8667


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