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Washer & Dryer Tips

Washer & Dryer

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Washer or Dryer. Here are some simple things to try before scheduling for a technician to come out. Hopefully it's an easy fix and we can save you a few bucks!


Common Washer / Dryer Issues: 

  • Dryer turns, but doesn't heat

  • Control board doesn't light up

  • Buttons on control board don't respond

Often resolving these issues are as simple as resetting your control board.  This is an easy process.  You can accomplish this one of two ways. 


1) Unplug your washer / dryer from the wall for 30 seconds and then replug it in to the wall. 

2) Turning off the washer / dryer breaker for 30 seconds.  Then, turn the breaker back on. 


If your dryer turns but isn't heating: 

It sounds obvious, but check your dryer controls.  

  • Many dryers have a 'no heat' or 'air dry only' option.  Check to see that it is not on one of these options. 

  • Reset your breaker and try the dryer again. 




Water Leaks

If you are experiencing a water leak you may need to act fast!  There are two ways of shutting the water off to your appliance. Either one of these methods will work. 


1) Turn (clockwise, righty-tighty) off the valve behind the washer. 

2) Turn off the water to the entire house.  

 - This is accomplished at your water valve near the street.  It requires either a special tool or in a pinch you can use a pair of large plyers.  You want to turn the valve 90 degrees to the right in order to shut the water off. 


In the event that the water valve is locked inside a box you will need to call your water company to assist with shutting the water off. 

Emergency Water Shut Off Contact Info: 

City of Palestine Water - (903) 729-2254

Four Pines Water - (903) 723-5704


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