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Testimonial 1

Simply perfect! Thank you!!

Testimonial 1

"Worked great, exactly as advertised!"

Testimonial 2

"...Saved me a lot of time on a recent service call. Well worth the money!"

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"Thumbs Up!"

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"Worked great. Planning on picking up some more."

Testimonial 5

"Cleared the ice quickly... less fuss than my older method."

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Testimonial 8

"I spent hours trying to solve this problem with a hair dryer! IceSurrender, 30 seconds. Highly recommended!"

Ideal For Frozen: 

  • Dispenser Water Line 

  • Defrost Drain lines

  • Icemaker Waterlines

As Seen On: 

Thank you all for the wonderful response and emails you've sent with your experiences with IceSurrender. I'm so glad you love it as much as I do. 

IceSurrender got its start several years ago when some appliance repair friends of mine from various companies were having a Christmas party/dinner. I handed out a few IceSurrenders as a present to them. To say they were well received would be an understatement. Years after, I still get calls thanking me again for that small gift. 

Today, I have appliance techs who buy this tool 20+ at a time so they have them on hand to both use & pass along to their customers. 

I'm very humbled by the fact that so many appliance techs and homeowners love it as much as they do. For me personally, it's the most used tool in my own tool bag. It's simple, inexpensive, and it works! 

Why Does The Dispenser Freeze?
The issue comes from the fact that the dispenser water line runs through the freezer door, at the least insulated part of the freezer. Couple this with an aging fridge that has insulation breakdown inside the door, and a dispenser that may not be used daily - the water freezes inside the 1/4" tubing roughly 4-6 in. inside the freezer door. 

Having come across so many refrigerators with frozen dispensers in my travels as an appliance repair guy, I kept saying to myself (hairdryer in hand), there has to be a better way than this! As it turns out, there is.

How can I keep it from freezing again?

Unfortunately, often this issue is due to poor design and there may not be a silver bullet to keep this from happening in the future. The true 'fix' is to replace the entire freezer door! This obviously is not realistic or cost effective, so below are a few cheaper options that may or may not help depending on the severity of the insulation breakdown on your freezer. 

Once you've gotten your dispenser working with the IceSurrender tool, there are a few things you can try to keep this from happening again. (Many times once working - the issue may never happen again or only happen very rarely.)
- Use the dispenser more often (warm water running through the line more often seems to help more than anything else)  
- Turn up your freezer temperature slightly. 
- Keep any frozen items from touching the door when closed. 
- Place some type of insulation inside the freezer on the door directly behind the dispenser. 

- Have a dispenser heater kit installed

Thank you very much for visiting my page. 
I'm confident in saying that this is hands-down the quickest and easiest method for thawing a frozen dispenser. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues I can assist with. 

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