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Leak Detection

Using the same technology as used in police helicopters to catch criminals, FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) can be used to quickly and accurately idnetify the source of plumbing leaks - with NO HOLES in your walls!

Missing Insulation 

Is there a draft in here?  Yes, because your builder forgot to put insulation behind that wall!  Don't buy a home without getting a thermal scan of the property first!

Breaker Panel Inspection 

A failing breaker has increased resistance.  Increased resistance creates heat as a by-product.  Thermal imaging is a very accurate way to tell WHICH breakers will eventually fail, but no method will be able to tell you WHEN that will happen.  Don't put it off!  


Identify overloaded circuits, improve panel load balance to improve efficiency, reduce risks of fire, and minimize system downtime.  

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