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Dryer Vent
Cabinet Deep Clean


Just $59 for a limited time!

Lint Inside Dryer.jpg

Did you notice?

Yes, that's a layer of highly flammable lint sitting directly on top of (and inside) the heating element which glows orange hot like a toaster oven just on the other side of this metal case. This, unfortunately, is not uncommon to discover inside my customer's dryers. You can see that it would only take one thing to go wrong for this entire cabinet (and home) to catch fire.  Scary to be sure! 

Call now to schedule your vent and cabinet deep clean today!



How often should I get my vent cleaned?
Dryers are the 2nd most common cause of house fires! For this reason, many fire departments recommend having the vent cleaned every other year, but more often if you have pets in the home due to increased pet hair which can block crucial air flow. When you get a vent cleaning from Grace Appliance, we go well beyond your standard vent cleaning. Since we are experts with appliance repair, we are able to disassemble the dryer and clean the nooks and crannies you aren't able to access otherwise!

What's included with our vent cleaning and cabinet deep clean?

- Cleaning dryer vent (dryer to outside)
- Cleaning lint trap and checking for dryer sheet wax buildup
- Dryer disassembly to clean interior of dryer, blower housing, 
- Expert inspection for safe dryer operation
- Recommendations and best practices for dryer performance and safety

Restrictions and Limitations:
1) Service area restrictions apply. 
2) Stacked Washer/Dryer limitations may apply. 
3) Dryer must allow for access to the rear of the appliance. 
4) Broken or missing appliance parts may be an extra expense. Your technician will be able to bring this to your attention to have repaired at your option.


Grace Appliance Service Area

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